Our Story

The Guitar Squirrel began on June 11, 2018 with this one single comment from my beautiful wife Am.  She said “You’re a squirrel!  You should call your company The Guitar Squirrel!”  With much resistance and finally coming to my senses I realized she was right.  “I love guitars, I love playing guitars, I love collecting guitars, I love the craftsmanship and everything about them.”  Go figure, The Guitar Squirrel was born.

Our Mission

The idea and mission for The Guitar Squirrel started with one encompassing vision.  To provide well loved, pre-owned, pro quality, vintage, hot rod and out right cool guitars to fellow musicians, collectors and tone chasers.  Simply serving our friends with the utmost integrity and customer service period!!!  The love for guitars and all things guitars is our belief that one cannot have or play to many guitars.  Aka the phrase “Guitar Squirrel’n.”  Friends and fellow tone pickers, “Let’s get Squirrel’n !!!”

The Guitar Squirrel
Ron Martinez